Technical Communication

Technical communication takes place through all kinds of means: a report, paper, manual, article, webpage, coursebook, presentation or brochure - they all convey technical information or messages. In all of these cases, the actual goal is basically the same: you want your recipient(s) to clearly understand what you mean to say.

Therefore, technical communication requires above all a combination of technical knowledge and language skills. But even if you or your organisation are in possession of both; do you always have sufficient capacity available to efficiently produce an effective means of communication?

Being a specialist in technical communication, Entecst helps you out. We know the world of engineering and production. Quality and reliability are our key company values.

Technical manuals

Technical manuals are often written by product development engineers, sometimes in collaboration with their Marketing co-workers. This may result in good manuals. However, a development engineer cannot work on new products while operating as a technical writer.

Technical articles

As a technical company you can underline your specialism and skills by publishing a technical paper on your website, in your company magazine, or in a technical journal. Your technical articles will attract more readers if they are well-structured and written to match your target group. A good structure and appropriate style are also essential requirements for publications such as press releases, brochures and newsletters.

Technical knowledge systems

Securing technical knowledge prevents the loss of valuable information and know-how when an experienced employee leaves your company. On top of this, new employees can settle in quicker and more indepentdently.E-learning (online self-study) is more and more part of technical education. This is ideal for international use, because physical distance no longer plays a part. A skilled technical writer can help you to convert your existing teaching material into a digital version.


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