Privacy statement

Privacy statement

of Entecst Technical Communication and Entecst BV Version 1.0 - October 2018

To meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, we have drawn up this privacy statement. In 7 questions and answers it describes how Entecst handles personal data.

1. Who are we?

Entecst is a company producing technical texts, publications and translations. Founded in 2003, we are established in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under these reference numbers:

  • Entecst Technical Communication: 17.158.428
  • Entecst BV: 53.911.954

2. Which personal data do we register?

About clients, suppliers and business relations:

  • Companies’ names, addresses and web addresses.
  • Business contacts’ names, positions, email addresses and phone numbers.

3. What do we do with the personal data?

  • Communicating (order-related and in general).
  • Invoicing.
  • Administrating orders and their acquisition.

4. Who is in control of the personal data?

  • The owner/ managing director of Entecst.
  • Possible other Entecst employees, under order and supervision of the owner/ managing director.

5. Who can see or use the personal data?

  • The owner/ managing director of Entecst.
  • Possible other Entecst employees, under order and supervision of the owner/ managing director.

6. How are the personal data protected?

We control our personal data in accordance with the guidelines below. The owner/ managing director explains these guidelines to the other people in control and makes sure they adhere to them.

Personal data on paper:

  • are stored in a suitable location, only accessible to the people in control.

Digital personal data on a device belonging to Entecst (such as a PC or a laptop computer):

  • We protect the device with a password, only known to the people in control.
  • We take the usual measures to prevent corruption or intrusion, such as using modern software with regular updates and anti-virus software.
  • We are alert to suspicious emails and handle them with great care.
  • We store possible backups in a suitable location, not accessible to others.
  • Nobody copies personal data (unless for backup purpose) onto other devices, such as USB sticks.

Digital personal data in an online environment (such as online banking or a cloud-based backup location):

  • We only use trusted environments, which can be assumed to be effectively protected.
  • If we have doubts about safety, we gather more information to check if action is needed.

All personal data:

  • are only used within Entecst and for the purpose of Entecst.
  • are never handed over to third parties (neither for free, nor against a fee).

If personal data are lost or stolen:

  • we inform the persons concerned as soon as possible.
  • we inform the Dutch personal data authority (AP, Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).
  • we take appropriate measures to limit the damage and prevent repetition.

7. Which rights do persons have about their personal data that we register?

They are entitled to:

  • information about (insight into) which of their data we use and for which pupose.
  • rectification of incorrect or incomplete data.
  • protest (under certain conditions) against the use of certain data (limitation of use).
  • data portability (ordering us to hand over their data to a third party).
  • oblivion (ordering us to delete all of their data).


If someone should be dissatisfied with the way Entecst handles their personal data, we kindly invite them to contact the owner/ managing director of Entecst. We will then try and agree upon a suitable solution. Apart from that, everyone has the right to file a privacy complaint at the Dutch personal data authority (AP, Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).


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